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Tailor-made for perfection: We make sure to meet your hotel mattress supply needs. Your guests will enjoy a superior sleeping experience.

Our Hotel Mattress Collection: Premium Quality and Tailored Comfort

Explore our top hotel mattresses, each offering unmatched quality and tailored comfort. Dive into our extensive hotel mattress collection to find the perfect fit for your hospitality needs.

Calmo Black Premium

14 Inch Luxury Latex Double Euro Top Mattress
Introducing the Calmo Black Premium, a 14 Inch Luxury Latex Double Euro Top Mattress, where innovative design meets natural luxury.

Calmo Black Exceptional

12 Inch Pillow Top Mattress
Presenting the Calmo Black Exceptional, a 12 Inch Pillow Top Mattress that embodies luxury, comfort, and advanced design for a transformative sleep experience.


Flippable Orthopedic Mattress
Feel the sleep. When you get deep and high-quality sleep, you will notice that all your senses are activated.


Flippable Latex Mattress
Mandarin, which turns sleep into a feast, offers double-sided use. The Summer side is Latex, the Winter side is Memory Foam.

Calmo Harmony Ultra Luxury

14 Inch Double Pillow Top Mattress
Embrace unparalleled comfort with our 14 Inch Double Pillow Top Mattress, the Calmo Harmony Ultra Luxury. A masterpiece of design, offering a dual-sided pillow top for the finest in luxury and comfort.

Calmo Harmony Basic

12 Inch Euro Top Mattress
Discover the foundational elegance of the Calmo Harmony Basic, our 12 Inch Euro Top Mattress, designed for lasting comfort and support.

Innovative Mattress Technology: Engineered for the Hospitality Industry

Discover our high-quality, cutting-edge materials and components that set our mattresses apart. Designed specifically for the hotel industry, our technology ensures every guest enjoys unparalleled comfort and support.

All Sizes Available

Our hospitality mattresses are available in all European and US sizes

Breathable & Soft

Moisture wicking, breathable soft knitted top fabric layer

5 Zones Pocket Spring

Variable support structure in each zone for perfect shape and motion isolation

Natural Silk Fiber

Silk fiber enhances comfort, is highly breathable and perfect for thermal regulation

Natural Wool Fiber

Wool fiber acts as both a cooling and warming at changing temperature levels

Gel Infused Memory Foam

Increased temperature regulation for comfort and effective motion isolating

Hyper Soft Foam

Double layer of High density hyper soft foam for ultra comfort in the top layer

Nonwoven Felt Layers

Increases the durability of the innerspring and helps handle heavier loads

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Bedding US For Your Hotel Mattress Supply

Tailor-Made Solutions

We design our mattresses specifically for hotels and if you don’t find something you like we can custom build something just for your property

Proven Sleep Experience

Our mattresses were designed with your guests in mind to give them the best sleep ever and leave you better reviews

Quality Guaranteed

Our mattresses are locally produced in the USA. Our experience and dedication ensure that our mattresses are durable and comfortable 

Explore Our Hotel Mattress Catalogue

From cutting-edge technology to bespoke materials, our catalog offers a wide range of options to cater to every need and preference. Dive into our selection today and find the ideal solution to elevate your hotel’s sleeping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Mattress Suitable for Hotels?

A mattress becomes suitable for hotels when it embodies the core principles of our hotel mattress supply: unparalleled durability, supreme comfort, and robust support to accommodate the diverse preferences of guests. These mattresses are specifically designed with hotel usage in mind, utilizing top-tier materials and construction methods to ensure they stand up to frequent use while offering guests a premium sleep experience every night.

How Are Hotel Mattresses Different from Regular Ones?

The difference between hotel mattresses and regular ones lies in the specialized construction and materials that our hotel mattress supply focuses on. These mattresses are engineered for higher durability and are tailored to a broad range of body types and sleeping styles, ensuring comfort for all guests. Features like enhanced edge support and hypoallergenic materials distinguish them further, providing a sleep experience that regular mattresses simply cannot match.

What Should You Look for When Choosing Mattresses for Your Hotel?

When selecting from our hotel mattress supply, prioritize durability, comfort, and the preferences of your guests. Look for mattresses that offer excellent support and use breathable, high-quality materials to cater to different sleeping positions. Our selection is guided by thorough guest feedback and industry standards, ensuring that every mattress you choose from us will elevate the sleep experience at your hotel.

Why Are Our Hotel Mattresses So Comfortable?

Our hotel mattresses are exceptionally comfortable because they represent the pinnacle of our hotel mattress supply, designed with the ultimate guest satisfaction in mind. They blend premium materials with cutting-edge design, including memory foam and hybrid constructions, to create the perfect balance of support and plushness. Cooling technologies and designs that alleviate pressure points further enhance the sleep experience, making guests feel rejuvenated each morning.

How Often Should Hotels Replace Their Mattresses?

To maintain the high standards of comfort and hygiene essential for guest satisfaction, hotels should replace their mattresses approximately every 7 to 10 years, a guideline we recommend at our hotel mattress supply. Regular assessment for wear and tear is crucial, and replacing mattresses at the right time is vital for preserving the quality of sleep and ensuring that every guest’s stay is exceptional.

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