Calmo Black Exceptional

12 Inch Pillow Top Mattress

Sophisticated Comfort, Tailored for Excellence

Presenting the Calmo Black Exceptional, a 12 Inch Pillow Top Mattress that embodies luxury, comfort, and advanced design for a transformative sleep experience.

Available in following sizes:

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Luxurious Touch, Breathable Design

The Calmo Black Exceptional mattress begins with a high-performance soft knitted top layer, engineered for optimal moisture wicking and absorption, ensuring a sleep environment that remains comfortably dry and breathable. Beneath this, a layer of natural silk fiber within the pillow top enhances overall comfort, providing a soft, soothing touch while offering superior breathability and thermal regulation. This silk layer, fast to dry and smooth to the touch, ensures a consistently luxurious feel night after night.

Unrivaled Support, Enhanced Durability

At its core, the mattress features high-density hyper-soft foam for an ultra-comfortable sleep surface, complemented by high-density recycled nonwoven felt layers that enhance the mattress’s durability and ability to support heavy loads. The comfort is further amplified by a double layer of gel-infused memory foam, which not only increases the comfort level but also excels in isolating motion and facilitating heat transfer, promising a cool, uninterrupted sleep. The mattress edges are reinforced with foam encasing for robust support, while the 5-zone pocket spring system offers exceptional support customization across different body zones, ensuring a personalized sleep experience. Equipped with natural Viscose-made flame retardant fiber, the Calmo Black Exceptional combines safety, environmental consciousness, and unparalleled comfort in one premium mattress.

Product Summary

  • High moisture wicking, high moisture absorbing and breathable soft knitted top fabric layer.
  • Natural silk fiber inside the pillow top layer enhances the comfort, and creates a softer comfort feeling. Silk fiber is also highly breathable fiber and is perfect for thermal regulation. Silk is also a fast dryable fiber.
  • High density hyper soft foam for ultra comfort in the top quilting layer for ultra comfort
  • High density recycled nonwoven felt layers on both sides increases the durability of the innerspring and can handle heavy loads on the mattress
  • Double layer of Gel infused Memory Foam increases comfort and is perfect for isolating motion. Gel infused foam also helps in heat transfer.
  • Foam encasing creates perfect support at the edges of the mattress
  • 5 zones pocket spring, has the best variable support structure in each zone, and with individual pockets can get the perfect shape and isolates the motion.
  • Natural Viscose (wood pulp) made Flame Retardant VISIL® Fiber

Upper Layer Fabric

  • 4682 320 gsm Black Echo %100 PES Double Jersey Knitted Balance Fabric 

Top Quilting Layers

  • 4.42 oz/yard2 or 150 gram/m2 VISIL® FR Fiber 
  • 14.73 oz/ yard2 or 500 gram/m2 Natural Silk Fiber 
  • 0.5” Hyper Soft Comfort Foam 
  • Nonwoven Fabric Layer 

Top Support Layer

  • 1.5” Gel Infused Memory Foam 
  • 1.5” Gel Infused Memory Foam 
  • 0.5” High Density Support Foam 


  • 7” Individually Wrapped Pocket Springs 
  • 5 Zones Springs creates best needed support at 5 different zones 
  • 15.5 Gauge Steel wires, 7”- 18 cm height, nonwoven wrapped coils 
  • 5 turn, R= 2.55” diameter top coil dimension, 800 coil count 

Bottom Support Layer

  • 0.5” High Density Support Foam 

Bottom Quilting Layer

  • 2.65 oz/yard2 or 90 gram/m2 Polyester Fiber 
  • 0.5” D22 Hyper Soft Comfort Foam 
  • Nonwoven Fabric Layer 

Bottom Layer Fabric

  • Knitted Fabric

Customize Your Mattress

At Bedding US, customization is at the heart of what we do. We offer:

  • An extensive selection of over 20 fabric options, including those with FR (Flame Retardant) technology, ensuring safety without compromising on style.
  • A wide range of sizes to fit both European and US standards, catering to the diverse needs of your clientele.
  • The latest in spring technology to provide tailored support and comfort. Available options include 5 Zone Pocket Spring, 7 Zone Pocket Spring, Multi Spring, SL CONTINUOUS Spring and Bonnell Spring.
  • A variety of comfort materials to elevate the sleep experience: Visco Foam for adaptive support, HR Foam for resilience, Hyper Foam for superior comfort, Natural Talalay Latex for eco-friendly softness, Cotton, Silk, Horse Hair, and Coconut for added luxury and natural benefits.

Discover the perfect blend of comfort, innovation, and customization with Bedding US. Elevate your guest’s sleep experience to new heights today.

About Bedding US

Welcome to the Bedding US family, where we understand the essence of perfect sleep. Our unique blend of craftsmanship and advanced technology is dedicated to providing unparalleled sleep experiences for hotel chains across the globe.

Our passionate product development team is committed to innovating superior beds and mattresses that cater to the desires of sleep enthusiasts everywhere. In collaboration with our rapidly expanding network, we empower hotels to offer their guests an unforgettable environment that feels just like home.

Bedding US boasts an extensive product portfolio that includes high-tech sleeping solutions, flame-retardant mattresses, leading-edge designs for headboards, bases, and beds, all crafted with modern aesthetics in mind. Through our comprehensive quality control process, every product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure we deliver only the best.

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