12″ Cooling Mattress with Special Biorhythm Mattress Cover

Re-Energize While Sleeping

Our biorhythm mattress cover has been especially developed by aligning specific energy-balancing minerals in a certain geometric composition. The biorhythm sleep therapy mattress cover can support and realign the body’s natural energy flows enhancing relaxation and revitalization.

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Re-Energize While Resting

Our biorhythm mattress cover is carefully crafted. It aligns specific minerals, each chosen for their energy-balancing effects. These minerals are placed in a precise geometric pattern. The cover aims to enhance the body’s natural energy flows. It realigns the body’s cycles. This process boosts relaxation. It also aids in revitalization.

Perfect Support & Temperature Control

Memory foam is renowned for its supportive nature. It also provides comfort. The foam molds to the contours of your body. This action helps improve spinal alignment. It promotes an ideal sleep posture. Our memory foam is high-density. It is infused with Cool Gel. The gel actively dissipates heat. This keeps the sleep temperature comfortable all night.

Product Summary

  • 90-NIGHT HOME TRIAL – Our 90 night long trial period starts the day your Bedding US mattress is delivered. Our risk free online promise to you.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – Move the box to the room you want to use it in, unbox and unroll your mattress, and watch it expand before your eyes. Wait for 24 hours and your sleep experience can begin.
  • BIORHYTHM MATTRESS COVER – Special mattress cover that supports the body’s natural energy flows and helps to realigns its inherent cycles, enhancing relaxation and revitalization
  • COOL GEL MEMORY FOAM – Cooling gel infused high-density memory foam efficiently regulates body heat and maintains a comfortable sleep temperature and ideal sleep posture.
  • 10-YEAR WARRANTY – We believe in the quality and outstanding durability of our products. Sleep worry-free for a decade.