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Diamond Bed Base and Headboard

Modern, luxurious and unique. Your bedroom will shine bright like a diamond.


Product Dimensions

38” x 60”

75” x 54”

80” x 60”

80” x 76”

84” x 72”

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Modern, luxurious and unique. Your bedroom will shine bright like a diamond. Unique design will allow you to decorate a tailor-made headboard fitting perfectly to your room.

Made to Measure Beds. Custom beds expertly are made to your bespoke size. Every bed frame and headboard is lovingly handcrafted in our workshop using 100% solid wood.

Custom options are available in various fabrics & Leather colors and four nailhead finishes.

Custom Orders: Custom Furniture is manufactured especially for you, which is why we do not accept cancellations, exchanges, or returns.



What our clients say about us

Clint Apperson


Most comfortable bed I have ever owned. They stand behind their warranty 100%! Worth every penny!



These are the very softest sheets I have ever purchased. The only negative is took longer to dry.

Emily Jane Elkins


Amazing quality for the price. Times of overly expensive beds and having to spend $800 minimum for comfort is over. I actually didn’t even have to wait past 10 hours for this to be ready to go, and I slept amazingly the first night. I would say it’s more plush than firm but I prefer that. Don’t listen to the bad reviews who judged the bed within 10 min of opening.

larry cole


Bought for my daughter, twin. She sleeps better than we do!! This is a great mattress! I have slept on it w her. Nice and cooling. Packaged and delivery was perfect. Opened up, aired out for a day, and was perfectly new and ready to use!



Definitely worth it!! My husband and I both suffer with severe back pain. This mattress topper on our matress has made such a difference in our quality of sleep. I suffer from debilitating Spondylosis that has caused a central nervous system disorder; a good night's sleep makes all the world of difference in how I can face my day.

Burt Guy


This bed is high quality, light, and gives you a refreshing sleep. Doesn’t sink you in super deep but sinks you in just enough. I’m not a fan of a bed that molds 100% to your body, I would say this bed molds to my body the perfect amount with it’s just right amount of firmness. I recommended to several friends and family!



My mother is in her 80s and has mobility issues and chronic pain. This bed has made a tremendous difference in her quality of life. She sleeps through the night, can get in and out of bed on her own and has much less pain! Highly recommend!!

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