Our Story

With over three decades of expertise in the mattress industry and technology, we are venturing into the world’s largest market. Our advanced know-how and strong relationships with leading material suppliers, along with distribution centers in three different zones, enable us to provide high-quality products at scale. Our high-tech, 100,000 sqft production area and vast subcontractor network, our commitment to excellence ensures consistent quality and uniformity in every mattress. Our customers and business partners can trust that they are receiving a reliable and top-tier product when choosing us.

Established in Florida
in 2020

Bedding US is strategically situated in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, within a sprawling 100,000 sqft facility. Our location boasts state-of-the-art, fully automated assembly and packaging lines, meticulously designed to cater to the needs of our valued customers.

A Good Night’s Sleep For Everyone

Everyone needs sufficient rest and high-quality sleep! It is vital for maintaining optimal health and enables you to pursue your goals in life. All of our mattresses are designed with that goal.

Our Research and Design Departments

Our customers are at the forefront of every aspect of our business. With the assistance of our in-house R&D and design departments, we ensure that our customers’ needs are addressed with high-quality and innovative products.

We provide everything you need for your best sleep experience.

We put our consumers at the center of our mattress development.

We are driven to produce mattresses which feel perfect for everybody.

100.000 sqft
Manufacturing Area
In 3 Different States
Production Line

Customer Satisfaction

We thrive on challenges, from sleep positions to environmental concerns, sizes to materials. Every customer’s need and possible pain point is a mission we joyfully embrace and aim to resolve.

Certifications & Independant Testing

The trust of our customers and responsability towards our environment is something we take very seriously ant Bedding US. All our products undergo rigorous analysis by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

  • Certificates
  • Lab Reports


Our foams meet all health and environmental standards, including low emissions and absence of harmful chemicals.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

All textiles and related metarials have been tested for potentially harmful substances and are safe for human use.


This global environmental certifications demonstrates our commitment to the environment & sustainability.


This ensures that our textiles are made from organic fibers, meeting strict environmental and social criteria in the supply chain.

Aloe Vera

certified quality aloe vera infused products by the international aloe science council


all bamboo involved in the production of our bedding comes from organically grown FSC certified and tested


Measurements of EEGs (brain waves) while using the special mat Biorhythm Sleep


Hemp fabric was tested against two bacteria strains, Staphylococcus Aureus (staph) and Klebsiella Pneumoniae (pneumonia)


One sample of knitted mattress ticking was tested at 3 conditions; thermo labo, room temperature, cool and hot plate temperature


microbiological testing methods were used to study the antibacterial activity on fabric, including the ISO 22916 standard