We don’t recognize territories.

An industry-pioneering goal means we need an industry-pioneering team to accomplish it. BeddingUS family members take responsibility across teams and respectfully address anything that needs to be spoken about openly, but we never question for the sake of questioning.

We build high-performing


We encourage calculated risk-taking and new ideas. To reach new heights, we need to take risks. But we do so in a smart, considered way that minimises any potential downsides.


We take ownership across the company. Taking ownership is crucial to our success. Each and every colleagues should act when they see the need for change and don’t assume others will take ownership.


We have a can-do mindset. Being entrepreneurial means doing something that’s never been done before. This means we need a positive and can-do mindset, even if we encounter obstacles or unknowns.


We question the status quo. To find areas for improvement and growth, we must question everything—from processes and products to strategies and team setups.

We develop and retain

We’re constantly looking for the best talent to support our team set-up and worldwide growth. This sometimes means letting people go, but we’re always fair and transparent in our feedback and decision process.

We are one team,
one dream

We all have our eyes on the same prize: growth. Personal and professional. We want to succeed, but we can only succeed together—a mindset we intend on keeping, even as we grow.