Proactive, Responsible, Respectful

An industry-pioneering goal requires an industry-pioneering team. All our Bedding US family members take responsibility across teams and respectfully address anything that needs to be raised. We maintain a critical eye on technical aspects while staying united in pursuit of our shared common goal. We firmly believe that this attitude is the key to success!


We actively promote taking calculated risks and pursuing new ideas. Balancing risk with effective risk management is a vital component of our journey toward innovation and achieving success.


We believe in taking responsibility across all departments of the company. Every colleague is encouraged to take action when they identify the need for change, without assuming that someone else will handle it.


We embrace a can-do mindset. Being entrepreneurial means venturing into uncharted territory, which demands a positive and determined attitude, even when faced with obstacles or uncertainties.


We challenge the status quo. To uncover opportunities for improvement and expansion, we believe in questioning everything, from processes and products to strategies and team structures.

We develop and retain talent

We’re always on the lookout for talents to join our teams and contribute to our global expansion. Our values include respect, fairness, open communication, and above all, transparency in leadership, management, and decision-making processes.

We are one team, one dream

We all have our eyes on the same prize: growth. Both personally and professionally. But lasting success can only be achieved through teamwork. This mindset, starting at the bottom and reaching to the top, is what we want to strengthen and maintain as we grow together.

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